Our Curriculum


Instead of one teacher covering all the six learning areas, we go by subject teaching whereby each teacher is allocated subjects according to her strengths, enabling her to plan and deliver more in-depth lessons for the children.

Our curriculum includes the following subjects:

Language & Literacy

In our Pre School Program, children will be exposed to English language activities like rhymes, songs, role play, games and stories that will build a secure foundation in developing a proficiency in reading, writing and spelling later on.


Becoming numerate involves knowing and using numbers in ways that relationships and connections are formed. Children will learn number concepts through interesting concrete experiences.

Discovery of the World

Children will learn about the world in scientific, historical and geographical ways through active involvement.

Aesthetics and Creativity

Art, music and drama allow children to express their feelings, thoughts, moods which in turn provide opportunities for them to explore their imagination and promotes creativity.

Motor Skills Development

Guided motor skills activities will help children to become physically confident and competent to be able to fulfill the demands placed on them later in life.

Social Emotional Development

Children who develop a positive sense of themselves will be successful learners and will have the necessary confidence to change, adapt and develop new skills.
Possessing good character is an essential trait that will complete a person and so, it is important to nurture values such as compassion and empathy in our children towards to the less fortunate. To provide more opportunities for the children to develop sound moral values, we have character-building programmes such as the following: Every year, we will participate in the Charity Hongbao by the Society for the Physically Disabled (SPD) whereby each child will be given a red packet during Chinese New Year and they are encouraged to put in any amount that they would like to contribute, into the box given by the SPD. To allow children to mingle meaningfully beyond their classroom, our K2 children were given a chance to volunteer at Fernvale Gardens School, MINDS where they planned games and prepared goodie bags for their new friends. Fernvale Gardens School is a special school catering to children aged 7 – 18 years old with intellectual disabilities.
Playing & Singing Together
Passing the Parcel
Breaking barriers
Forming new friendships
Extending our giving and blessing beyond the shores of Singapore, we started a Children’s Home, YAYASAN MENTARI DUNIA (License No. 31.626.780.6-215.000) in Batam to offer a safe shelter and quality care to disadvantaged and under-privileged children in Indonesia. Registered on 5th December 2012 as a non-profit organization in Indonesia, our children are from Papua, Indonesia and our mission is to nurture these children by using education as a vehicle to transform their lives so that they can develop into responsible and successful citizens. The operations of Yayasan Mentari Dunia is currently partially supported by Moriah Schoolhouse LLP. Personal donations and assistance from friends and relatives have also helped keep the operations afloat. By having our own Children’s Home, we can bring charity closer to home as we do organize visits to the Home for our childcare children and their parents where children have the opportunities to interact with one another, giving diversity and character-building a new meaning. 3-main "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”. -Winston Churchill For more information on Yayasan Mentari Dunia, please click this link : mentaridunia.org The latest updates can be found on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/YayasanMentariDunia

Enrichment Classes

Enrichment Classes are offered on an optional basis and are conducted in the afternoon. These classes are conducted by trained professionals and your child’s progress will be tracked every term with a term report. To provide opportunities for children to showcase what they had learnt in these enrichment classes, a mini presentation at the end of the year will be held where parents are invited to be part of this learning experience. Following are the Enrichment Classes that we offer :

  • Phonics
  • English Speech and Drama
  • Chinese Speech and Drama
  • 3G Abacus
  • Music Appreciation and Keyboard
Phonics Class
English Speech & Drama Class
English Speech & Drama Class
Chinese Speech & Drama Class
Abacus Class
Music Class

Other Activities

Lantern Festival
National Day
Racial Harmony Day
Racial Harmony Day